Fit to Fat; Available for Premiere; A comedy about the quirky relationships and numerous oddities that occur behind the scenes of an upscale training facility
Two; Available for Premiere; A drama about believing that you are the only romantic interest, only to discover that you are merely one of two
In the Meantime…; Manhattan Repertory Theater; A comedy about meeting your romantic match when you least expect it
In the Meantime…; New 42nd Street Studio; “”
In the Meantime, Happy Hour; MFA Showcase; “”
I Dream of Red Wine; The Producers Club; A serio-comedy about accepting yourself and overcoming your past
One Woman’s Fog; Manhattan Repertory Theater; A drama about a young woman’s journey of self-loathing and self-destruction

Texas A& M International University; Laredo, Texas; Writing Teacher for 1st-6th graders where I taught 6 classes a day for a 6 week camp (June ’08/’09-July ‘08/’09)
Texas A&M International University; Laredo, Texas; Writing Center Tutor for Undergraduate and Graduate students (May ‘05-August ‘05)
Laredo Morning Times’ Laredo, Texas; Classified Specialist (May ‘03/’04-August ‘03/’04)
Research Assistant; South Bend, Indiana; Assistant (Written tasks included) for the Notre Dame Chair of Psychology, Dr. Mark Cummings

New School for Drama,M.F.A. in Acting; New York, New York; May 2010 (GPA: 3.45/4.0)
University of Notre Dame, B.A. in Theater and Psychology; South Bend, Indiana; May 2007 (GPA: 3.12/4.0)

Available upon request

Laredo “Youth of the Year” Award; Honored at the State Capitol by Senator Judith Zaffirini
President of the National Honor Society; United High School